Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Comments and Questions

Hey folks! If you read these please become an official "follower" by signing up on the right there, or even more important to me, please leave comments in the comment sections. If you have specific questions for Neos or just a general question please leave those too. This project is important to me, and everyone involved is doing it purely of their love for the company's history and not for any monetary gain, so it helps to see comments to ensure people are actually reading and enjoying the work.

Coming up next: Scott Hermes & Heather Riordan.
I am flying out to NYC this weekend to get Ayun Halliday, Greg Kotis, Rob Neill, and Bill Coleus

the management.

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amyc said...

I personally cannot wait for the next installment. But I'm kind of geeky that way.